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How Can I Pay by Western Union?

This method is available for order product value which exceeds US$300. For customers who choose to pay with Western Unnion. We will offer customers 5% discount. 

Steps to follow:

1) During the check out select Western Union as shown below

2) Click place your order 

Write down your order number .


3) Send your payment to our Western Union account as follows:

First name: SHUIHENG

Last name: ZHU

City: Shenzhen 

Country: China 

Zip Code: 518051 

NOTICE: After you pay, please submit a ticket at our Support Center to tell us:

(1) The sender's name

(2) The exact amount you send

(3) Sender's address

(4) Your shipping address.

(5) The 10 digit control number.

(6) Your order number.

(7) The country you send from.

(8) The receiver's name.

Or you can Return to Home to My Account .